Festival Cups


Purchase our reusables with your brand logo or design printed on them. Our timeframe for production is 40 to 60 days depending on the product, but if you need your reusables before that, please contact us and we will try our best to reach your deadline. Keep in mind that the minimum order quantity for custom branded products is 1,000 units for cups and 1,080 units for vinos.


425ml Reusable Tumbler

325ml Reusable Tumbler

325ml Coffee cups


It is easier to rent our reusables than to buy wasteful disposables. Our Globelet branded reusable have a low investment cost and our minimum order quantity is just one box (500 tumblers). Only available in New Zealand and Australia. It works with three simple steps:

  1. We ship your order.
  2. Products are enjoyed. Make sure to incorporate the deposit system to avoid losing products and covering costs.
  3. Pack the reusables in the boxes they came in. We will collect them, wash them, and invoice you for any lost products.

Tumblers are available for rent at all times so go ahead and rent now for just 55c each! Any lost tumbler is $1.10 plus GST so make sure to incorporate the deposit system to avoid loosing cups.

For coffee-cups please click on submit order to check if we have stock available for the dates you need them for.


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